Bike Riding and the Search for the Perfect Root Beer Freeze

Rodriguez Polar Kink

Rodriguez Polar King

Robert LOVES root beer freezes.  Especially after a long and hot bike ride. But nothing quite lives up to the root beer freezes he used to get at Jerry’s in Logan.  He and his friends would play hours of basketball at the Hyper Building and then go get a root beer freeze.  The problem is Jerry’s is no longer in business and I’m sure Robert’s memory has a touch of that “When I was a boy such and such was SO much better than it is today…..”  I say that because it didn’t matter where we went to try a root beer freeze, it just wasn’t as good as Jerry’s.  Until we found Rodriquez Polar King in Coalville. Utah.    We had just been on a long and HOT bike ride up Chalk Creek which starts and ends in Coalville.  We were so thirsty and noticed that the Polar King was packed.  We decided to try a root beer freeze there.  It was  GOOD!  Now everytime we are on a bike ride in the Coalville area we stop and get a rootbeer freeze at the Polar King.  We’ve also noticed that everytime we are there it is packed.  I’ve also started to notice that whenever we want to go on a long bike ride Robert suggests something close to Coalville.  Coalville-Echo-Lost Creek; Coalville-Henefer-East Canyon; Chalk Creek; Coalville-Wanship-Rockport-Oakley-Kamas. These are also the places where Robert gets his subject material for paintings.  Who knew that drinking rootbeer freezes would be the driving force behind so many of  his paintings?


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