Tour of Utah

What does the Tour of Utah have to do with art? Not one thing except maybe someday Robert will paint a bicycle for me!  We were in Logan, Utah to go on a bike ride.  After our ride to Avon and Paradise and up Blacksmith Fork Canyon we were hungry.  Robert voted for Chuck a Rama.  (We were taking Grandpa and it is his favorite place to eat).  We were there and I started to notice all these really fit guys loading up on salad, squash (really? how many teenagers eat squash?) and fruit.  They also had those great bicyling quads and farmers tans.  Could it be?  It was.  A bicycling team from Italy scouting the Tour of Utah Logan ride which begins tomorrow.

15 tou 1430 bardiani a1 jak 1

Tour tracker pro

Tour of Utah we will be watching!


One Comment on “Tour of Utah”

  1. Donna Bales says:

    Do you ever sell color prints of your works?

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